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SHARDA STEEL WORKS Company has been working since 2012 in the production of high quality drilling tools for Piling and Deep foundation.At the beginning it was a family business increasing year by year, now it is well known in the market with its distinguished brand. THE PILING TOOLS synonym of high quality and efficiency


In our opinion, only a high quality product has a chance to find a place and still in the global market.SSW manufactures Drilling Tools for Piling and Foundation: Augers, Buckets, Core barrels, Kelly and lately Casings to work in normal to very difficult soil conditions, manufactured in all diameters from the smallest to the biggest ones: 400mm up to 2000mm.

We design the tools thoughtfully seeking the maximum efficiency and robustness having an eye on the costs, We use only first choice certified raw material. The welding is watchfully made by skillful expert welders with duly repeated passages enough to guarantee the maximum resistance to breakage or torsion. We pay much attention to the details even and especially little ones. The accessories used in our tools (Round shanks for Rock, widia bars, Flat teeth for clay) are purchased from the best brands:

Betek, Esco, Kennametal, Bauer.
Betek, Esco, Kennametal, Bauer.
• Standard (Std) for Rig max torque up to 190KN
• Heavy Duty (HD) for Rig max torque between 200KN and 250KN
• Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) for Rig max torque more than 260KN
Silo Cement/Flyash and Accessories, Cement Feeding pumps, Concrete pump/Batching plant spare parts, Concrete pipeline, Dust Collector, Transit Mixer Accessories & All type of fabrication as per customer requirement.
We also perform Mix versions upon customer demand. Our quest for the highest level of quality and performance never stops, we are continuously improving our products by our own efforts and thanks to our clever customers through their feedback and wise advises and opinions.


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